Commercial Investigations


Our approach to investigation is based upon combined teams of local and international investigators.  International personnel bring objective knowledge and techniques from international Police services.  Local investigators bring specific knowledge, local contacts and an intuitive understanding of the working environment.  Through this combination we deliver a comprehensive capability.

We have a policy of “Partnership Policing”, we operate by supporting and augmenting the capacity of State Law Enforcement Agencies.  In so doing, adding investigative capacity, forensic audit and/or technical capability, enable both our clients and the Police to achieve their AIM.

  • Investigation

    We provide a detailed investigation plan (IP) that reflects a simple approach, with clear deliverables to achieve the AIM.

  • Evidence Collection

    Whether it be a criminal or an administrative matter Halliday Finch discover and collect targeted evidence legally and ethically.  Ensuring the results are court admissible.

  • Analysis

    Halliday Finch carefully analyse all evidence to create connection and to support and drive the investigation plan.

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If knowledge of anything you type, say or do could be of value to someone else, you are at risk of a cyber-attack.  The multiple communication media found in modern homes and offices provide access points for those seeking to steal your information.  Halliday Finch has experience in Information & Communications Technology (ICT) security across the spectrum of the client requirement.


Digital Forensic Services Include:

  • Computer Forensics
  • Mobile Forensics
  • Social Media investigations
  • Data recovery
  • Incident Response
  • Forensic collection of digital evidence during Anton Pillars and other litigation support in relation to electronic information collection and management
  • Fraud trend and data analysis
  • IT Risk management Services
  • Sales of forensic tools and software
  • Consultancy and cyber attack prevention training

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